2 thoughts on “BOY WITH A FROG

  1. Simon from NZ

    So, I know nothing about tumblr really, except it’s been in the news of late. I decided to visit, didn’t really understand what was happening, about the only clickable thing was a name at the bottom, oscillatewildyetcetc… so I clicked on it, saw some pics, seemed to be Italy… where I went for the first time last year, loved it. So I clicked and found some pics. Various things were tagged below the images, including ‘New Zealand’, gosh thought I, what a coincidence! Though maybe it’s not, maybe it’s a crafty algorithm thing. Anyway, back to tumblr home page I went, your image was on there, right on the tumblr home page! And suddenly I recognised the image, The statue on that point of land opposite St Marks Square in Venice. I had been standing right there by that statue, last summer, after an early morning stroll. I had just been thinking about Venice today, and lo, I go check out tumblr and find this image, and its from a fellow NZ’er, and everything. Nice pic too. So this all seemed highly conicidintal and such, and I felt I should report the wonder of it all.
    That’s all really.


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